Obada Prize

Obada-Prize is an international award, initiated as a recognition of his excellence Professor Abdel-Shafy Obada. The Obada-Prize recognizes and encourages innovative and interdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional boundaries and paradigms.

Award Winners

2021 Winners
2020 Winners
2019 Winners
2018 Winners


  • The work submitted to participate in the award has not won in other awards.
  • The initiative has not been submitted to other awards in the same year.
  • The initiative submitted is not a university action in which the applicant has a earned a degree.
  • Adherence to the criteria set by the Award.
  • Submit the nomination and its materials within specified time.
  • No more than one work may be submitted for each category of award.
  • Fill in the electronic participation form and submit the participating works through the award website.

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