2023 Winners

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2022 Winners

Aya Hussam El-din, is a Junior Aerospace student at the University of science and technology at Zewail city, Egypt. She has won 6 international competitions in US, Russia, Thailand, Canada, and Egypt. 

 Mahmoud Adel Hamza, PhD Student at the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, University of Adeliade, Adelaide SA, Australia

 Marah Masarweh, Received her bachelor’s degree of E- Marketing and social media from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan. Currently proceeding with a master’s degree of MBA-Marketing from German Jordan University.

Samah Wael Fujo, received her Master in Computer Science and information technology from College of Information Technology, Ahlia University- Bahrain. She is currently working in Nasser Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Centre – Nasser Vocational Training Centre – Bahrain. 

2021 Winners

Abear Faris Al-hamdany She is a medicine undergraduate student, at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mosul, Iraq. She graduated from the Gifted Students’ School of Nineveh.  She worked on two projects, “The effects of selected toothpaste, antibiotics and mistake  on the bacteria isolated from the human oral cavity” (2018) and “Optical Design of GaN Nanowire Laser” (2019).  


A. M. Darwiesh He is a PhD student, Faculty of Science, Damietta University. He awarded a scholarship to continue doctoral studies in Computer Science at Damietta University.  He received a BSc Degree with Honor from Al-Azhar University and MSc Degree in Statistics and Computer Science. His research interests include Stochastic Modelling, Cloud Computing, and Surveillance Systems.

Essam Berikaa He is a Ph.D. at the electrical and computer engineering, department at McGill University, Canada. He graduated from Zewail city with the highest accumulative GPA and received Zewail’s cup for academic achievement and holding the McGill Engineering Doctoral Award for academic excellence. He is working on Silicon photonics applications in the field of optical communication and quantum cryptography.

Mahmoud H. A. Saleh Mahmoud Saleh is a third-year physics student at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, Egypt. His main research interests include Dynamical Systems, Quantum and its applications. He interested in technology transfer based on fundamental physics.  He has participated in several conferences and worships.