2018 Winners

Dr.Ahmed Farouk

Ahmed Farouk received his M.Sc. and PhD. degrees from Mansoura University, in 2009 and 2015, respectively. Now, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Wilfird Laurier University and Ryerson University. He is one of the Top 20 technical co-founder of Quantum Machine Learning Program by Creative Destruction Lab at University of Toronto. Furthermore, he is selected as Top 25 of InnovateTO150 Canada to showcase the best of Toronto’s next generation of change makers, innovators and entrepreneurs. He is especially well known for his seminal contributions to theories of Quantum Mechanics , Communication and Cryptography. He published 52 papers in reputed and high impact journals like Nature Scientific Reports, Physical Review A. He participated as a member of the reviewer committee for 24 different conferences sponsored by Springer, IEEE, SDIWC, and IACITE. He acted as a member of the technical committee for 11 different conferences organized by the American Society for Research and International Assassination of Computer Sciences and Information Technology.

He had the opportunity to be Organizer-Chairman for a special session for “Computer and Communication Security Challenges” at the 18thInternational Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers (CSCC 2015). Zakynthos Island, Greece, July 16-20, 2015. Furthermore, he was working as a reviewer for high reputed journals like Scientific Reports, JOSA B, Quantum Information Processing and IEEE Communications Magazine. I worked as a lead/guest editor for various special issues in journals like International Journal of Optics and Neural Computing and Applications. He has been awarded Certificates of Acknowledgement for his efforts in the reviewing process of the papers in 16 conferences. He has been awarded the best researcher twice from Oman. His research achievement was highlighted twice by the Mansoura University Channel, Egyptian News, Public Egyptian Magazines and Egyptian News Websites and also by Omani public press. His article “Robust general N user authentication scheme in a centralized quantum communication network via generalized GHZ states” is featured as a seminal work in the news by Science Trends, pioneering minds, wissenature, and lasciences. His research interests is Quantum Communication , Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Information Processing.

Prof . Abdon Atangana

Prof Atangana is a full professor at the UFS. He obtained his PhD degree in applied mathematics from the University of Free State in 2013. He serves as reviewer of more than 200 international accredited journals and has been awarded the world champion of peer review twice, in 2016 and 2017. He is editor in more than 20 journals of applied mathematics and mathematics( for instance Chaos Solitons and Fractal, Thermal Science, DCDS S and other) and editor in chief of 2 international journals. He has been Lead guest editor of more than 20 special issues in top international accredited journals of  applied mathematics  He has presented and participated in more than 22 international conferences and has been invited as plenary speaker in more than 12 international conferences of applied mathematics. His research interests are methods and applications of partial and ordinary differential equations, fractional differential equations, perturbation methods, asymptotic methods, iterative methods, and groundwater modelling. Prof Atangana is the founder of the fractional calculus with non-local and non-singular kernels popular in applied mathematics today. Since 2013, he has published more than 213 international accredited journals of applied mathematics, applied physics, geo-hydrology and biomathematics and 6 Chapter in books. He is also the single author of two books in Academic Press Elsevier with title “A derivative with new parameter: Theory, methods and applications, 2016” and “Fractional Operators with Constant and Variable Order with Application to Geo-hydrology 2017. 2 PhD and 8 masters have been completed under his supervision.