2019 Winners

Distinguished Researcher

Prof. Dumitru Baleanu

Prof. Dumitru Baleanu, Institute of Space Sciences, Magurele-Bucharest, Romania  and a Visiting Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Cankaya University, Turkey. He got his PhD from the Institute of Atomic Physics, Romania  in 1996.  His fields of interest include the fractional dynamics and its applications in science and engineering, fractional differential equations, discrete mathematics, solution theory, Lie symmetry, dynamic systems on time scales and the wavelet method and its applications. He is one of the pioneers of fractional vibrational principles and their applications. He is Highly Cited Researcher in Mathematics in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. He is the co-author of 4 books and co-editor of 12 edited books.  Dumitru got  the ICFDA2018 Award: Innovation in Fractional Calculus and  ICFDA2016 Dissemination Award and he is a co-author of the Chinese  Patent No: ZL 2014 1 0033835.7.

Prof. Jinde CAO

Professor Cao is a Fellow of IEEE, a Member of the Academy of Europe, Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and a Fellow of Pakistan Academy of Sciences. He has been named as Highly-Cited Researcher simultaneously in three disciplines: Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics. He has received, among others, Chinese National Innovation Award, Thomson Reuters Research Fronts Award, and the First Class Science and Technology Award of China Jiangsu. Professor Cao has made seminal contributions to an impressive array of fields in the natural sciences, most notably to nonlinear sciences and neuronal networks. This is manifested not least in the vast opus of publications in leading international journals, as well as a stellar citation record that places Professor Cao firmly among the top 1% of researchers in his fields, according to Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics.

Young Distinguished Researcher (Below 40 years old)

Dr. Xiao-Jun Yang

is a full professor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, at State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, China. His scientific interests include: Viscoelasticity, Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Physics, Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Local Fractional Calculus and Applications, General Fractional Calculus and Applications, and Special Functions. He has published over 160 journal articles and 5 books, as well as monographs and edited volumes, and 10 chapters. He is the founder of the fractional-order sets, local fractional calculus, Fourier-type and Laplace-type integral transforms via the Mittag-Leffler function defined on the fractal sets, the general fractional calculus without singular kernels, variable order fractional calculus, variable order fractional calculus with respect to another function, and special functions popular in mathematics and physics today. In 2017 and 2018 he was awarded as the Most Cited Chinese Researchers in the field of Mathematics by Elsevier and Shanghai Ranking. In 2018 he was selected as the ”333” Program Talents of Jiangsu province, China. He is currently an editor of several scientific journals, such as Fractals-Complex Geometry, Patterns, and Scaling in Nature and Society, Applied Numerical Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, and Thermal Science. He is also as the referee of the articles and books from Springer Nature, Elsevier, World Scientific and CRC publishers.

Dr. Maha Naser

is as an Associate Professor and researcher of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University. Dr. Maha has been awarded the state encouragement prize in the field of advanced technological sciences serving the medical sciences 2017, and she is also an awardee of the Daniel Turnberg UK/Middle East travel fellowship for initiation of research collaboration with the University of Bradford, UK, funded by the Wellcome Trust. Dr. Maha is currently leading a large team of researchers (28) in several projects which are either non-remunerated or funded by organizations in Egypt and abroad, in collaboration with several Egyptian and foreign universities as well as Egyptian pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. She is also a peer reviewer in 56 international scientific journals and is among the Editorial board of 6 international journals. Dr. Maha was granted several awards by diverse funding bodies such as Fondation pour l’Universite’ de Lyon, TWAS/Biovision unit in Bibliotheca Alexandria, FIP foundation for education and research, the National Academy of Sciences, Robert Bosch Stiftung foundation, and the National Institute of health. She is also Africa Science Leadership program ASLP fellow, a TWAS Arab regional office and African academy of Sciences young affiliate, a Next Einstein Forum (NEF) fellow, and an elected member of the Global young academy (GYA) and the Arab-German academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA).


Tarek Al-Shami

T. M. Al-shami is a Ph.D student in Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt. He received his B.SC. Degree of mathematics in 2009 from Sana'a University, Yemen and M.SC. Degree of Mathematics in 2016 from Mansoura University, Egypt. He is an assistant lecturer in Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Sana`University, Yemen. His main researches interested are: General topology, Ordered topology, Soft set theory and soft topology. In these areas he has published over 28 technical papers in refereed international journals or conference proceedings. He is referee of several
international journals in the frame of pure and applied mathematics.

Best Presentation

Prof. Ghada Amer

Prof. Anwar Jafer